Thursday 18 July 2013

Oh dear, I broke my old blog !

Oh dear, I broke my old blog ('New shoots - biopic of a rebellious garden') ! I was so enjoying it, but was also unwittingly choking it very slowly with my overuse of ampersands, overlarge photos and other hanging offences that I can't even begin to name ! It couldn't even refresh itself in lots of circumstances, so wasn't showing posts after April.

So, welcome old and new to 'Hoe hoe grow' where life will continue much as it did on 'New shoots', detailing disasters, frustrations and the odd triumph over nature! I hope you will comment, so that we can continue to chat together and share ideas, as usual, across the globe.

The wildflowers in the wildflower meadow are starting to flower now, and the ones dancing in the sunlight at the moment are the poppies.

I have used my new Macro lens to take these photos, and this is a close up of a poppy bud.

Love the little hairs - like hairy legs !

I am a bit rubbish on wildflower names, so I am sure someone can tell me what this is ! Queen Ann's Lace ?
These photos are a few days old now, so no doubt there will be more flowering down at the bottom of the garden...


  1. I never had any problems with your other blog. Maybe it was an issue with your computer. Mine just refuses to cooperate some days and I'm convinced my printer is possessed. The plant at the bottom looks like a type of wild yarrow or alchemilla in Latin.

  2. It was refusing to refresh for some people and had locked itself in a timewarp ! Wouldn't go beyond April ! Took professional advice which was ..."Ditch it !"

    I see what you mean about Yarrow !

  3. Sorry to hear the old blog got broke but kinda glad there's a new one. I kept trying to add your old one to my blog list and it just wouldn't take, no idea why, thought it was my fault. This one has added with no problems at all. :))

  4. Aw ! Thankyou for that ! It seemed a bit drastic to kill it off but ... it had to go ! I will add your blog to this new one - always enjoy yours !

  5. I am sorry about your old blog, but the new one looks great! I like your macro lens, what camera do you use?

  6. Hi masha, thanks for that. I use a canon EOS which is a digital SLR - quite elderly now, I suppose but still does the job. The Macro lens is a new toy ! Fab for blogging!

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