Garden Writing

I am a part time Freelance Garden Writer with a hankering to give up the day job !

Below are links to some examples of my garden writing.

Thinkingardens :

''Garden Bloggers - braggarts or global socialites ?'

Garden Rant :

'Pink for a girl'

No thanks to Flaming Autumn

Garden Drum :

' A rose by any name at all ...'

'Review - solar powered fountain'

'Allotments - a very English Institution'

'How to grow ferns from spores'

Thompson and Morgan

'Variegation across the nation'

Dave's Garden

'Chrysanthemums - the wilderness years'


  1. I wish you would tell us the name of some of these flowers. I had 39 roses however I lost them now I am planting a butterfly garden. Costing me a fortune in money and time. I am 80 but I intend to have a pretty garden again if it pleases the good Lord. I have ordered from Wayside gardens I ordered last fall from J&P but a lot of them died right off. I have ordered for years from Parks and Wayside and never lost but just one or two over the years.

  2. Sorry to hear that you lost all those roses Juanita. I bet your butterfly garden will look fantastic!


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