Monday 22 July 2013

A cut too far ...

Sometimes I don't understand myself . I am a puzzle . A conundrum. Contrary.

I could have a house full of vases of flowers because I have a garden full of blooms. But that is where they stay ... in the garden! Years ago, if I had one rose blooming, I would cut it and bring it into the house to enjoy, which is the logical thing to do. We could look at that rose and enjoy its scent many more times in the house, than in the garden.

Now, I grow lots of roses and have lots of blooms to choose from, but I just can't do it ! I can't cut them and bring them indoors to die a slow and lingering death!

At one time, I always had a big jug of garden flowers on the kitchen table with all my best flowers, and I replaced it every time the flowers began to wilt. Now there is only a fruit bowl !

So, I thought I would use a little native cunning, and bought a series of containers which only hold one stem, as I thought this would solve the problem. They are Victorian medicine bottles in lovely thick blueish glass which were found on an old rubbish dump, then steam-cleaned and sold for the princely sum of £2 each. Although I really liked them aesthetically, I was even more delighted that I would only have to cut 5 stems to bring into the house. Could I do it ? You've guessed it ! Couldn't even do that!

I could have a vase full of these ...

or these ...

or these ...

or these ...

or these ...

Instead I go to the garage and, I'm ashamed to admit, I buy these !

 (Image courtesy of Google Images, as we don't even have any of these at the moment ... just fruit !)

The other night we were due at a friend's house for a meal, and we had forgotten to buy flowers so, foolhardy to the last, I suggested that we pick some from the garden to take. I went out with my secateurs and wondered round the whole garden, unable to cut a thing. In the end, I did manage to put a bunch of flowers together, but only because I told myself that I was pruning them! I cut only those stems which were spoiling the line of the mother plant. It was a bit of a meagre bunch of flowers,  filled out with foliage, which I found I could cut very happily with no regrets.

Am I the only person who behaves in this way ? Only me ?

Come on, admit to your quirks and foibles !!


  1. I am the same way! I don't know why. Like you, I even bought a vase just so I'd be motivated to cut some flowers. I thought about cutting some flowers for all the different guests that have been here to visit this summer. No, I just can't do it. I think I just like my garden to be full of blooms, and if I cut them off, I would somehow miss those blooms. Glad to know I'm not the only one with this quirk! :)

  2. Yet, I can cut foliage in a heartbeat !
    How are your roses holding up in the heat HolleyGarden? Mine were like burnt paper roses last week, they were almost petrified ! never seen that before in the uk. Fine now as it is cooler.

  3. You captured my same problem! Can not cut them down to bring into the house. So I enjoy as I move among them while gardening. They seem to last much longer that way too. Enjoyed finding your Blog today and reviewing it. Jack

  4. Thanks Jack. Enjoyed your blog too.
    One year I grew flowers for the house in a Cutting Garden and that seemed to work !

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