A bit more about us ...

My garden and I  have been in a serious relationship for over 30 years now ...

It consists of about half an acre in deepest Lincolnshire, UK. and it is divided into several different areas. Starting at the bottom, we have a wildlife pond, wildflower area and 'orchard' (half a dozen baby fruit trees!).

... then through a gate to the veg and soft fruit garden.

An arch leads into an exotic garden with summerhouse  and mainly hardy exotics .

There is a shade garden which we refer to as the 'Bus shelter garden' because, well, you can see why !

This 'Charles De Mills' rose hedge marks the boundary of 'Helen's Garden', which was made in memory of a dear friend.

This middle section of the garden is a typical English garden, packed with roses and perennials.

The top section of the garden , near the house, has 2 greenhouses, more borders and lawn, and lots of pots.

So, that's the garden tour finished ... time for a cup of tea !

As for me, when I'm not in the garden, I'm to be found working as a Specialist SEND Teacher, joyously on Grandma Duty, writing, or walking these two ...



I am a Freelance Garden Writer and write on many aspects of gardens and gardening. Amongst other places, you can find my articles on 'ThinkinGardens', 'Garden Drum' and the 'Thompson & Morgan' website.

Thanks for dropping by !

Jane Scorer